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The advantages of being a Young Talent Golf student


You'll live on the golf course

Both your school and room are just 1 minute walk from the golf course. This will allow you to train at any time.


Single, double, triple or quadruple rooms. Full board, with diet controlled by a nutritionist. TV lounge, gym, swimming pool and golf simulator..

An ideal
school system


Experienced coaches
and teachers

You’ll have a professional team always with you to be able to train better than ever and take big steps towards the professional tour.l.


We continuously evaluate the players’ performance in training and competitions..


Our training philosophy seeks to get the best out of each and every one of our players, helping them develop their most outstanding skills to the highest level..

At Young Talent Golf we prepare our players for the golf of the future, applying innovative training systems and complementing them with the skills and values synonymous with success. The program integrates physical training, winning spirit, competitive mentality, intense training and competitions, concentration, competitive attitude, technical knowledge and learning to compete.

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YTG’s goal is to train young people and prepare them to succeed in all aspects of life..

High-level sports require maturity, a spirit of sacrifice, perseverance and effort over and above what a 16-18 year old is usually able to endure, so it’s essential to give them the necessary tools so that they know how to face all the situations they are going to face..

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Young Talent Golf Members

The common denominator of our services is quality and professionalism..

Alfonso Liniers

More than 15 years golf coach with an ambition and a desire to train you will feel in the best hands. A coach who can always help you keep moving forward.

Alfredo Gª Heredia

Coach with experience as a player of the European Tour. He knows exactly what you need in order to reach your goals.

Pedro Linhart

European Tour player since 1994. He was rookie of the year in his first season. With several victories in the European Tour and currently in the Senior Tour, he is one of the most experienced coaches in Spain.

Alberto Domínguez

Specialist in traumatology and orthopedics. With a long and successful professional career, he has collaborated with top sports entities and world-class athletes.

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At Young Talent Golf we prepare our players for the golf of the future.

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At Sage College we mainly follow the British National Curriculum (B.N.C.) with the appropriate adaptations to the needs and characteristics of a British educational center in Spain.

80% of the subjects come from the B.N.C. and they are taught entirely in English, while the other 20% are subjects of the Spanish curriculum, aimed at strengthening Spanish culture and language. Our students, at the end of their school career, acquire the “double degree” approved: Spanish and British