Golf Boarding School


Young Talent Golf annual program teaches
you the fundamentals of the game as well as
the importance of mental and physical preparation..

Personalized and complete sports preparation

You are going to have one of the best professional team around you at all times. Your will guide and help through every aspect of your game so that you can keep on making huge steps towards your goal of being a successful professional golf player.

Double Graduation: British and Spanish degree

Not only are you going to enjoy the best school system for young aspiring athletes. At the age of 18 you will have received both, the Spanish and the British degree. This will allow you to study at any university or college worldwide. Entering a US American College won't be difficult anymore if this was your goal.

Academia with facilities for primer nivel


18 hole golf course

72 and equal to 6,572 meters on Black Bar.

9 hole course

par 27 and 809 meters.

Putting greens.

and short play area.



Young Talent Golf staff accompanies players through their training sessions which include technique sessions, strategy, practice laps and competitions. More than 20 hours a week dedicated to golf, to prepare new talents and make them stand out wherever they participate as athletes and as people.


We continuously evaluate the performance of players in training and competitions. We have the necessary technology for video swing analysis, and a Foresight GC Quad launch monitor, which helps us to understand in depth the swing of each of the boys.


Nowadays, physical preparation is essential for any athlete who aspires to reach the top. Aspects such as routines, nutrition and daily exercise are very much taken into account, as well as the planning of the season and fitness peaks.


High level sports require maturity, spirit of sacrifice, perseverance and effort above what a 16-18 year old boy or girl is usually able to endure, therefore it is essential to give them

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At Young Talent Golf we prepare our players for the golf of the future.

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