Golf Camps


At Young Talent Golf we have the perfect facilities and team to offer the best golf camps all year round..


Winter Golf Camps

Do you want to train with your team in one of the best facilities in Europe? Contact us to explain exactly what you need and we’ll set up the perfect camp for you.

Young Talent Golf is the perfect partner to train your team. Jerez is also a beautiful city with lots of options to have fun. From tapas routes, to cinemas with original films to guided tours of Sherry's wineries, everything is possible to have an quality unforgettable trip, and at the best price..

  • A Golf Course of the European Tour.
  • Short course to train the short game.
  • Practice course with putting green and short game area.
  • Single, double or triple rooms directly on the Golf course.
  • Dining room directly in the facilities.
  • Gym.
  • Recreation area with bowling and swimming pool.
  • Several other golf courses just a few minutes away by car.
  • Teachers for language classes.
  • and much more.


You will live on the golf course

Both your school and room are just 1 minute walk from the golf course. This will allow you to train at any time.

Optimal training facilities

You’ll have one of the best training facilities in Europe, with an exceptional climate and a European tour course at your disposal every day.

An ideal school system

Your school system will adapt perfectly to your training needs so that you can develop as you want.

Experienced trainers and teachers

You’ll have a team of professionals always with you to be able to train better than ever and take big steps towards the professional tour.

Summer Golf Camps

The perfect summer for your children

At Young Talent Golf we offer the best summer fun coupled with learning. Your children will spend an exciting summer playing golf with many new friends while perfecting their English.

  • They will stay in our secure enclosure beside the golf course.
  • Its dining room, prepared even for the specific feeding needs of each child, is located directly in the residence.
  • All rooms are modern, have wifi and are made to feel at home.
  • They will have the option of sleeping in single, double or triple rooms with their new friends.
  • Your children will enjoy a swimming pool and recreation areas directly in their residence.
  • They will have fun English classes every day with their group.
  • They will train at the Sherry Golf Club with the best coaches with classes adapted to their level so that they have fun and evolve in their game.
  • They will have long and short game golf training on the practice course, and will also play daily on the course to make the biggest jumps..
  • At the end of the week they will be able to play even a small tournament to improve their handicap.

Prices from 900€ per child per week with full board

Ask for more information by filling out the contact form.


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At Young Talent Golf we prepare our players for the golf of the future.

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